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Ionmax ION430 Air Purifier

Air Treatment

AlcoSense Nexus portable breathalyser with mobile phone app

Personal Safety

Doctor holding MedSense digital thermometer in hand

Health & Medical



Air Purifiers

Enjoy clean air at home and keep your family healthy with our range of air purifiers. Equipped with the best air filters, latest air purifying technology and advanced user features
Ionmax+ Aire X air purifier in a aged care home with senior citizens
Ionmax Breeze ION420 UV HEPA Air Purifier
Ionmax Breeze ION420 UV HEPA Air Purifier in living room with dog
Save $29.90
Coway 1018F Classic HEPA Air Purifier
Coway 1018F Classic HEPA Air Purifier in the living room
Save $100.00
Coway 1516D Storm Air Purifier
Coway 1516D Storm Air Purifier in the seating area
Save $167.00


Control indoor moisture to ensure healthy air quality to keep your home free from mould and mildew with our top-rated dehumidifiers

Ketone Breath Meters

Ideal for individuals on ketogenic diets, these ketone devices are designed to measure the levels of ketones in your breath, providing a non-invasive method for monitoring ketosis

Health Essentials

Shop for essentials from the safety of your own home. Stock up on face masks to protect yourself and your family, and thermometers to check yourself daily

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