Ionmax ION401 Tower Ionic Air Purifier

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Experience the remarkable power of negative ions with the Ionmax ION401 Tower Ionic Air Purifier. The Ionmax ION401 is a negative ion generator producing an abundance of negative ions to bring that fresh and revitalising feeling of the natural outdoors into your home, with zero ozone emission.

Enjoy the revitalising effect of fresher, revitalised, odourless air, without worrying about noise. Maintenance is super easy as well, with no filters to replace - sit back and breathe easy. Transform your home with the advantages of negative ions with this ionizer air purifier from Ionmax. 

  • Negative ion generator
  • No Ozone emission 
  • Low noise - No noisy fans or blades
  • Safe for kids and pets - With no fans or motors, it's a safe air purifier for children and pets
  • Easy to maintain - Just wipe blades clean regularly. No filter to replace
  • Lightweight and compact - Tower design. Easy to move between different rooms
  • 3 adjustable output settings - Low, Medium or High
  • Clean light indicator - Lights up when the air purifier needs cleaning
  • Easy one-button operation - User-friendly one-touch operation to switch between modes and settings


  • Model No.: ION401
  • Coverage area: Up to 60 sqm
  • Negative ions output: ≥ 2.96 x 10⁶ ions/cc
  • Input voltage: 240V
  • Power consumption:15W
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Dimensions: H: 700mm, D: 200mm, W: 150mm

2 + 2 years extended warranty

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