KetoScan for fitness progress you can measure!

KetoScan for fitness progress you can measure!

Dec 20, 2023

Embarking on a keto journey to better your health can be challenging as it is but KetoScan makes the keto life that much easier.

This compact breath ketone meter is your trusted companion in the keto world, allowing you to easily monitor ketosis, navigate your diet, and keep track of your fitness aspirations.

Unlock the full potential of your keto lifestyle with Andatech's KetoScan range – empowering you to monitor your ketone levels with unmatched accuracy. Explore our featured products, KetoScan Mini and KetoScan Lite, designed to seamlessly integrate into your keto journey.

The Keto Advantage

Go above and beyond with the ketogenic lifestyle, offering a wide array of benefits that go beyond weight management. A keto lifestyle helps you achieve

⭐ Enhanced and renewed energy levels
⭐ Better blood sugar control
⭐ Reduced inflammation
⭐ Improved heart health
⭐ May lower blood pressure
⭐ Therapeutic for several neurological disorders

KetoScan products offer user-friendly, non-invasive, and an accurate method for individuals committed to tracking and optimising your keto journey

Why Choose KetoScan?

KetoScan devices provices a hassle-free way to monitor ketosis statuses with a simple breath sample

Non-invasive, painless method

KetoScan devices are designed to offer accurate and reliable ketone measurements, aiding users undertand their state of ketosis more effectively

Accurate readings

Compared to blood meters, KetoScan devices offer better value for money. You don't need to

Value for money

KetoScan products are easy to carry, allowing users to test their ketone levels anytime, and anywhere.

Portability and convenience

KetoScan Mini Ketone Meter with Mobile App | FDA Approved


Keep track of your ketosis journey with the KetoScan Mini Ketone Breath Meter.

This compact device accurately measures acetone levels in your breath to calculate which level of ketosis your body is in.

Comes with a free mobile app to help you track ketone test results which can be synchronised with iOS Health, Samsung Health and Google Fit.

KetoScan Lite Ketone Meter with Free Logbook App


Discover the KetoScan Lite, your tool for measuring your ketosis status and fat-burning rates. With a single breath sample, you can effortlessly track your ketosis and document it for future reference using the free logbook app.

Enjoy painless testing and faster results with advanced breath sampling technology.