Philips Shockproof Phone Holder For Bikes (DLK3536N)

Introducing the Philips Shockproof Phone Holder For Bike – the ultimate companion for your cycling adventures! Upgrade your cycling experience with this essential accessory for every cycling enthusiast. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy worry-free rides like never before.
  • Secure 8-Jaw Fixing System: Unlike traditional phone holders with only 4 jaws, our innovative design features 8 precision-engineered jaws. This means your smartphone is held firmly in place, preventing any unwanted slipping or wobbling during your ride. Crafted from soft, non-slip silicone, these claws ensure your phone stays put, no matter the terrain.
  • Vibration Absorption Technology: Say goodbye to the jarring effects of road vibrations. Our phone holder is equipped with an anti-vibration damper and shock-absorbing soft rubber. This technology absorbs engine vibrations, rough terrain bumps, and shocks, protecting your smartphone and ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted ride.
  • 360° Rotatable Freedom: Need to check your map or change your music? With our 360° rotatable phone holder, you have full control. Easily adjust your phone's screen to your preferred orientation, whether it's vertical or horizontal. Our unique 8-prong fixing design leaves room for side buttons and charging cables, giving you convenience without compromise. Plus, our holder's elevated position maintains clear visibility for safer navigation.
  • Built to Last: Crafted from high-quality materials including aluminium alloy, stainless steel, ultra-tough nylon, and PVE soft rubber, our phone holder is built to withstand the elements. It's impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and stable, providing the ultimate protection for your valuable smartphone.
  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you have a compact smartphone or a larger model, our phone holder has you covered. The adjustable spring-loaded telescopic arm at the top, combined with adjustable side claws (screwdriver included), accommodates phones ranging from 4.7 to 7.1 inches in height and 60 to 100 mm in width. The compatibility extends to phones with a thickness of up to 20 mm.
  • Easy Installation: Installing our phone holder is a breeze. Simply ensure your handlebars have a diameter between 17 to 30 mm, and you're good to go. Ride with confidence knowing your smartphone is securely and conveniently mounted.