Ionmax ION632 10L/day Desiccant Dehumidifier - Refurbished


Experience a comfortable, mould-free home with the Ionmax ION632 Dehumidifier. Our desiccant technology delivers high performance with 10L/day moisture removal capacity and powerful moisture control settings, helping you maintain the perfect balance of air indoors. Enjoy a healthier, comfortable life with the Ionmax all seasons dehumidifier. 

  • Desiccant dehumidifier for all seasons - Ideal for cooler climates and just as effective in warm weather
  • CHOICE recommended and Sensitive Choice approved dehumidifier
  • Removes up to 10 litres of moisture per day
  • Control humidity to 4 RH levels - 60%, 50%, 40% and laundry (continuous) 
  • 3 power levels - Auto, low and high
  • Energy efficient - Removes high volumes of moisture in a shorter amount of time compared to other types of dehumidifiers
  • Eco-friendly - Does not emit greenhouse gases
  • Silver nano filter - Prevents the growth of bacteria on the filter, improving the air quality in your home
  • Low maintenance - No parts to replace. The Zeolite wheel regenerates itself, and the filter can just be vacuumed regularly to keep clean
  • Automatic swing louvre - Angle dehumidified air upwards, frontwards, wide, or stop the swing function to target a specific area
  • User-friendly water tank - 3.5L water tank with water level viewer, carry handle, hand grip to pull the water tank out
  • Continuous drainage option - Connect with the hose provided for continuous drainage
  • Safe to use unattended - Built-in safety features such as adaptive control, fall-down and abnormal temperature detection, and auto-restart and function retrieval after a power cut
  • Carry handle for easy portability from room-to-room
  • Full water indicator
  • Low noise levels - 44~51dBA
  • Timer up to 8 hours

  • Model No.: ION632
  • Coverage area: 30 - 50sqm
  • Daily dehumidifying rate: 10L (20°C, 60% RH)
  • Noise level: 44 - 51dB (High)
  • Tank capacity: 3.5L
  • Input voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 420 - 740W
  • Weight: 7.8kg
  • Dimensions: H: 520mm, D: 186mm, W: 416mm

1 Year

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