Ionmax+ EcorPro INOX DryFan® Pro 12L/day Stainless Steel Industrial Dehumidifier


For commercial, industrial or residential use, the Ionmax+ EcorPro INOX DryFan® Pro is a versatile and reliable solution for maintaining comfortable humidity levels no matter how tough the conditions. Built with salt-resistant stainless steel construction, this desiccant dehumidifier can withstand harsh coastal and ocean conditions, making the DryFan Pro ideal for use in boats, yachts, ships, beach houses and coastal homes, too.

  • Industrial dehumidifier for 24/7 use
  • Removes up to 12 litres of moisture per day
  • Made with stainless steel construction
  • UK patented design
  • Continues operating in temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Dries 4 to 7 times faster than traditional dehumidifiers
  • Customisable installation - use as a freestanding unit or mount in any configuration
  • Safe to use - the patented technology is both safe and energy efficient and can never overheat to hazardous temperatures, even if vents become accidentally blocked
  • Auto reset operation when the power supply returns after an interruption
  • Remote Humidistat option available for purchase


  • Model No.: ION-DF12INOX
  • Daily dehumidifying rate: 12L (35°C, 90% RH)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Plug: 13A
  • Power cord length: ~4m
  • Noise level: 52 dB
  • Power consumption: 500W, 220V, 50Hz
  • Wet air out duct: 40mm (1.5') dia. - Max 1m length
  • Process air in duct: 125mm (5') dia. - Max 3m length
  • Process air out duct: 125mm (5') dia. - Max 3m length
  • Operating temperature: -20°C - 40°C
  • Works from DC-AC converter: Yes
  • IP rating: IP22
  • Weight: 7.1kg
  • Dimensions: H: 200mm, W: 300mm, D: 200mm



2 years

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